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so i finally get home after being gone on a business trip for months & my sewing machine IMMEDIATELY breaks. I took my machine to get fixed, which ended up costing me 120$, okay, cool that's fine please fix my machine!!! I take it home, try and sew it it and it works for about....40 minutes before it starts skipping stitches and just NOT sewing. I take it BACK and they replace a 25$ part, I take it home again and lo and behold, it's still not working. at this point i'm ready to take it out back and shoot it and buy a new machine. SO to help me cover costs I'm opening up my print shop again and taking preorders on some new ones!!!!

.゚☆ ☆゚.

and if you don't have any interest in prints but you wanna help me out my paypal is ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。

normally wouldn't ask for help like this but I literally sew almost every single day, either for my hobbies (cosplay) or for work (ATS), so i really need to have a working sewing machine on hand. thank you so much for reading & checking out my shop!!! ♡♡♡♡
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Star Crossed Lovers - Sailor Moon

I really can't even begin to express how important Uranus and Neptune are to me - growing up, they were the first time I saw a lesbian couple in a media that was accessible to me as a kid. not only that but they were FUCKING COOL, it wasn't dirty or shameful or gross the way you would usually here someone say "oh she's a lesbian" like it was this unfortunate disease, michiru and haruka were bad ass and all the other girls loved them. Their relationship was passionate and insanely romantic, it wasn't there for men's entertainment, it wasn't this unknown background noise that took the creator years after the show ended to admit, it was OBVIOUS. even as a kid I knew they were a couple (tbh I thought it was weird cousins were dating each other lmao), it was a shining beacon of hope that are relationships between women could be just as intense and meaningful and GOOD as a relationship between a man and a woman. it was the first time I saw this was even an option - if you're not a woman you might not fully understand HOW MUCH you get beaten over the head from the second you're born with GET MARRIED HAVE KIDS FIND A MAN - which, is bad even for non-gay women, deriving self worth from our ability to get a husband/have kids is a terrible thing to instill in girls, but that's what's done in this culture - but for gay girls it just seems like this hopeless inevitability because as a kid you aren't SHOWN that there are other options - so when sailor moon season 3 started airing in the 90's and had this BEAUTIFUL, COOL, STRONG lesbian couple who absolutely loved each other it was totally unforgettable. I still cry when i think about it, because even now I'm hard pressed to think of lesbian couples that don't end in tragedy. Haruka and Michiru were the ultimate cheeseball, Till Death Do Us Part Complete Each Other romance, which for straight couples are everywhere, but for lesbians and gay men doesn't really exist. I'm very very grateful to sailor moon for showing a generation SO many types of women and female relationships, including a romantic one.

thank you so much Bunny for doing this shoot with me even though it was cold and wet, thank you Lionel for making our BEAUTIFUL props, and thank you so much adam and Nicole for shooting us!!! 🙏🏼💗💕💕

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Sailor Neptune costume made & worn by Mostflogged
Sailor Uranus costume made by Mostflogged
Sailor Uranus costume worn by Yuffiebunny
Photography by CyberBird/Nicole Ciaramella @ FB
The Room - Silent Hill 4
happy friday the 13th!!! stay spooky

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Eileen Costume worn by *Mostflogged
Costume made by Laura London
Henry made/worn by :drteng:
Photo Taken by Paul Tamayo!
Jewel - Jessica Jones
I thought the marvel TV series for jessica jones was brilliant, so i made the comic version since I look nothing like the actress haha

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Jewel worn & made by Mostflogged

Photography by drteng


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I'm fan of your Lesbians ! 


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Out of curiosity, how would you achieve and/or describe the hairstyle you cosplayed with for Mari Makinami's plugsuit? I am writing a book and I find that hairstyle interesting.
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Angelic is she, the Lady of cosplay.
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great gallery of cosplay, and you

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I like cosplay and yours are lovely 💖.
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Angel of art, Lady of cosplay.
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